Entrepreneur Inventor Sculptor

Julia S. Rasor is a medical device entrepreneur, inventor and sculptor with both broad and deep multifunctional expertise in medical devices and business. She uses tools developed from a 60-company experience to repeatedly provide proven cost-effective problem solving for her clients.

Her methods have repeatedly proven effective in putting companies on the ‘Fast Track’: Solving business, clinical, and regulatory hurdles; Innovating; Identifying and designing around pitfalls; Expediting product clearance; Optimizing revenue ramps; Assisting with funding; and Meeting BOD milestones.

Julia is a serial entrepreneur and start-up CEO as well as an advisor to start-up CEOs. She invented the first ultrasonic contrast agent – a $100M/year revenue medical product – and founded other companies trading on the NASDAQ. Julia is also the inventor of the first all-in-one tracheostomy device, the COVID Airway all-in-one tracheostomy device.

She has authored of over 20 White Papers yielding increased sales, venture funding, and FDA acceptance of proposed approaches for her clients – her track record is 100% success with FDA. Julia has been a speaker at numerous universities and industry conferences, including the keynote speaker. Read more in Executive Profile.

Innovative Materials Sculptor

Julia S. Rasor is an award winning entrepreneur, inventor, and sculptor. She has combined her business and scientific expertise with her artistic innovation to produce unique fine art for companies that amplifies and distinguishes their corporate brand, learn more at ModeArtGlobal.com. Julia enjoys continually experimenting with new materials including steel, mesh, ceramics, concrete, plaster, bronze, wax, mixed media and often incorporates found objects and artifacts thus up cycling discarded materials and preserving history in her sculpture.

Her works have been described as “dynamic, edgy and dramatic” and “authentic, distinctive and intense” revealing an artist who has melded an intellectual understanding of human physiology and anatomy with a knowledge of mechanics and materials from her life-long profession as a medical device inventor. This has created a dichotomy in style and her unique expressive body of work. Julia creates series of sculpture that range from realistic to highly abstract stylized designs, see feature editorial “Modern-Day Renaissance Woman, Fallbrook sculptor and inventor Julia S. Rasor fuses together art, science and entrepreneurship.”

She holds exclusive Private Gallery Tours and VIP Fine Art Soiree Events at the MODE Art Global Gallery she founded at her mountaintop avocado ranch studio and gallery. Visitors enjoy an art immersion experience where they escape to a spectacular natural setting in the heart of the De Luz Heights mountain area of Fallbrook, the ‘Avocado Capital of the World’. The Gallery was built by and was the former home of an artist and renowned architect featured in the editorial “Building Character, Architectural Treasures in Fallbrook.