Julia S. Rasor, MS

Presently consulting: Advisor for inventors/entrepreneurs on the strategic and operational tasks of starting up a medical device company; medical writing – white paper specialty; and inventing for others.  Multifunctional CXO combines science and business savvy to yield medical products ahead of schedule and under budget for over 60 medical device companies (stockholder in 12 with 9 cash exits to date).  Using multidisciplinary invention, clinical science, regulatory and business background, seamlessly merges corporate scientific strategy with corporate business strategy to provide a cross-functional “Big Picture” vision putting companies on the fast track.  Uses vision to lead very successful solutions for scientific, medical, and technical hurdles as well as business, clinical, or regulatory roadblocks.

A 30+ year plus track record of developing medical devices; inventing the first commercial ultrasonic contrast agent product ECHOVIST®, a $100M/year revenue; as CEO, successfully founding a novel drug delivery device company CAPNIA Inc. in the area of migraine headache and rhinitis relief (now trading on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange); Member of six Scientific Advisory Boards (Broncus Technologies, EKOS Corporation, Pathwork Informatics, Mission Medical, Cardiox, Entrovita); ~60 issued patents; approximately 30 publications and 20 white papers; Founding CEO/Chairman and inventor of Entrovita Inc. developing the first patented all-in-one percutaneous dilational tracheostomy tube and integral introducer.  

Provides the required university practicum via internships in her start-ups for MBA and Masters of Science Degree candidates.  Demonstrated functional excellence as Leader of scientific and business departments through surpassing agreed upon metrics.  Great products were built by assembling highly functional teams in a variety of medical product business environments.  Comes with a vast network of management, venture capitalist, and physician specialists in the medical industry and proven ability to recruit, retain, and manage outstanding employees and key advisors by creating a culture founded on integrity that encourages collaboration, trust and motivation.


  • Inventor, first commercial ultrasonic contrast agent, $100M/year revenue product ECHOVIST, patents purchased by Schering AG, Berlin, now Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals
  • CEO/Founder/Inventor/Director, drug delivery company CAPNIA, Inc., patents for novel migraine and allergy treatment using nasal gases, former CEO of Glaxo and Alza became Chairman of CAPNIA
  • CEO/Founder/Inventor/Director, device company Entrovita, Inc., patents for devices providing clean access to reduce nosocomial infection
  • Founder, Rasor Consulting Group, 14 company equity portfolio, 7 cash returns to date, celebrating over 30 years of success
  • Co-founder/Inventor, PercSys Vascular novel vascular access patent, spin-out of PercSys, Inc.
  • Inventor novel flat spring mattress patent for Simmons
  • Inventor methods for treating chronic obstructive disease patent for Bronchus Technologies
  • Raised multimillion-dollar angel and venture funding
  • Member, 6 Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB)
  • ~60 Patents
  • Formally educated medical writer, authored over 20 White Papers yielding increased sales, venture funding, and FDA acceptance of trial endpoints and reversal of previous decisions
  • 30 Publications
  • Keynote Speaker MPO Symposium, Medical Product Outsourcing Magazine, also speaker for Stanford Graduate School of Business, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association, Forum of Women Entrepreneurs, Woman’s Technology Cluster (now Astia), Institute of International Research, San Jose BioCenter, Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business
  • Mentor for Graduate Internships: (1) as Entrovita CEO for degree-required Industry Internship/Practicum to four interns in the San Jose State University College of Science, Medical Product Development Management Masters of Science Program; and (2) as CAPNIA CEO for degree-required Industry Internship to an intern in the Masters of Business Administration Program at San Jose State University
  • Sculptor at ModeArtGlobal.com producing fine art to represent Your Brand in 3D – Fine Art for Corporate Branding, read more in About.


  • Professional Certificate in Engineering Management, University of California, San Diego; 2-year post baccalaureate academic study in management science
  • M.S. in Human Physiology, University of California, Davis; thesis title “The effect of ethanol on ventricular fibrillation thresholds in dogs”
  • B.S. in Biology, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio; minor in Chemistry
  • Multidisciplinary Medical Communications Certificate from the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA, Founded in 1940); – 2-year medical writer’s certificate

Honors and Awards

  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) – eSeries Graduate; 1999, a 6-month education program for selected new CEOs, premier networking organization for women building and leading high-growth technology and life-science companies, founded in 1993
  • Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE) – Trailblazer Awardee 2001 and 2002 raised over $1M/year
  • Young Investigator’s Award, Pacific Medical Center (now California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute); 1975, supplemental funding for 2 years for development and evaluation of non-thrombogenic coatings’ properties in vivo
  • ~60 Issued and Pending Patents
  • Member, 6 Scientific Advisory Boards

CEO Coach, Mentor, and Speaker