Expert Strategy for Clients

“As ArthroCare’s founding CEO, I found Julia’s strategic input and scientific study design key to early FDA approval of ArthroCare’s RF ablation device. When ArthroCare had approximately three full-time people, Julia essentially acted as its clinical and regulatory department. She designed the regulatory strategy and preclinical studies for device FDA approval.”
Hira Thapliyal, PhD, Founding CEO, ArthroCare

“I can open heartedly refer patients [colleagues] to you without any concerns or a discount in my charges. You are extremely good at what you do.”
Prithviraj Chavan, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Start-up CEO

“As a general partner in a venture capital firm that has invested only in medical companies for the past seven years, I have worked with a wide range of entrepreneurs. Julia is certainly one of the most determined I have ever known and she accomplished a great deal with only limited funding. …remarkable in that almost single handedly she managed to design and execute two clinical trials which demonstrated that CAPNIA’s lead product is safe and effective as a therapy for migraine headache.” “Largely because of her efforts and accomplishments CAPNIA is now well on it’s way to becoming a major success story.”
Edgar G. Engleman, MD, Managing Member, Managing Member, Vivo Ventures, formerly BioAsia Investments

“As a member of the VidaMed Board of Directors, I found Julia to be a valued employee and significant asset to the corporation. One of Julia’s many talents is her ability to write and publish technical papers on a variety of medical subjects. She is a hard working, company oriented individual, who I would recommend to any potential employer.”
David L. Douglass, General Partner, Delphi BioVenture, Forbes Midas List recognizing the top 100 venture capital investors

“Julia is the ‘Lone Ranger’ of the medical device world. I mean that in the best sense: When you cry for help because of a critical pressing issue: strategic plan, regulatory issue, FDA approval, animal study, or white paper, Julia rides in on her white horse, ropes or shoots the ‘bad guys’ helps identify the ‘good guys’, analyzes the data, writes the report, and rides off into the sunset with a mighty, “Hi Ho Silver”. Or something to that effect. Bottom line (with less humor), Julia is an excellent resource whether you are a small startup (or a resource challenged division in a large company). If you need an experienced expert for advice and help regarding the medical device world, call Julia.”
Doug Hansmann, Chief Operating Office, EKOS Corporation

“I worked with Julia at Broncus Technologies where she showed her valued experience and expertise in clinical and regulatory strategies. She is highly dedicated, works with diligence and extreme effort, and has tirelessly sought solutions for most difficult issues on projects. Julia is very personable and a real pleasure to have on your management team. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”
Jayne Prentice, Director Clinical Research, Broncus Technologies

“I am pleased to provide this letter of support for Julia S. Rasor, one of our more outstanding former employees. …Julia is a bright, well-organized and hard working individual. Her complete thoroughness provided beneficial to VidaMed, Inc. throughout her tenure. She was an asset to our organization, and I have no reservations in recommending her for any position in which she feels she is qualified to apply for.”
Stuart D. Edwards, President and CEO, VidaMed, Inc.

“Julia demonstrated her abilities as an entrepreneur and early-stage CEO in delivering shareholder value, and I feel she could perform at that level for other early-stage medical device and therapeutics companies. In addition, her product development experience cannot be overestimated, and should be highly valued by a broad variety of companies in a number of therapeutic areas.”
Edgar G. Engleman, MD, Managing Member, Vivo Ventures

“As co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of ArthroCare Corporation, I had the opportunity to work with Julia Rasor as she developed ArthroCare’s animal study protocols, guided our animal studies, and prepared its regulatory strategy as well as its initial 510(k) application. As a result of Julia’s significant guidance and key contributions, ArthroCare was able to obtain its FDA allowance ahead of schedule. Since then, Julia provided regulatory affairs services for one of my other medical device companies, Cardiox, related to the monitoring of cardiac output and total circulating blood volume. Again, due to Julia’s expertise in regulatory matters, the FDA agreed that a 510(k) pathway was appropriate for Cardiox indwelling catheter device. I would welcome the opportunity to again work with Julia Rasor for any medical device related company.”
Phillip E. Eggers, Eggers & Associates, Inc., Founder of ArthroCare, Cardiox, Intact Medical [formerly NeoThermia], Calfacior, and Apsara Medical

“Not only did Julia play a key role in recognizing the potential uses of CAPNIA’s technology, she was the company’s founding CEO and the driving force behind all of its programs. She was responsible for fund raising, meeting and exceeding Board milestones, hiring and firing employees, generating intellectual property, company, clinical and regulatory strategies, establishing a renowned Scientific Advisory Board, and virtually every other activity during CAPNIA’s first four years. The challenge of fund raising as a first-time CEO of a startup company seeking to develop a combined pharmaceutical and medical device cannot be overstated. Despite the odds, Julia managed to raise an angel round, and a venture round led by our firm as well as bridge to next round funds.”
Edgar G. Engleman, MD, Managing Member, Vivo Ventures

“Julia has expertise in every aspect of starting and running a medical device company, including intellectual property, funding (angel and venture), scientific/medical advisory board assembly, preclinical testing, regulatory strategy, and clinical testing from first-in-man through multicenter trials. With her strong scientific foundation, Julia can design, implement, conduct, and analyze a preclinical/clinical trial, while maintaining scientific integrity, keeping an eye on the regulatory path, and treating all involved parties with respect and dignity. Whether you involve her in a project from the start, or set her loose on a “salvage operation”, Julia will make it right in the most efficient manner possible, resulting in a win-win situation for all concerned. When you work with Julia, you will accomplish much — you will successfully stomp out any fires before they grow out of control, you will learn from her, and you will enjoy working with her. Then, after the work is done, you will enjoy conversing about her interesting life, and maybe get her out on the dance floor for a cha-cha!” May 21, 2009. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.”
Roger Sahm, MD, Medical Devices Professional