Purchase MedicalDevice.com Domain

License or purchase MedicalDevice.com domain, an easily memorable premium domain. Its original owner, Julia S. Rasor, purchased the domain in 1995. It is the brand of her easily found medical device strategy and invention consulting business, Rasor Consulting, which can also be viewed at www.Linkedin.com/in/MedicalDeviceStrategist.

Domains are valuable internet real estate because, unlike a search engine, there’s no middleman between you and the visitor. Whenever someone types medical device, or any other phrase with these keywords into their browser, your site could be the first they see.

Why Its Valuable

  • Top Branding: for medical device related entities
  • Top-Level Domain (TLD) Extension.COM TLD has the highest resale value, 20 times more valuable than their .NET and .ORG counterparts
  • Second-Level Domain (SLD): medicaldevice contains industry relevant keywords, Google® and other search engines bolden the keywords that appear in domain names, Google® search results: page 1 in second position for ‘medicaldevice’ in quotes
  • Highly Searched: medical device receives 450,000 searches per month on Google®
  • Competitive: advertisers pay around $4.44 per click to advertise under medical device
  • Popular Keyword: medical is a widely used keyword
  • Memorable: MedicalDevice.com is easy to remember
  • Generic Large Industry Name.COM: MedicalDevice.com represents the global Medical Device market
  • Domain Age: owned 25 years by single original owner


Entities associated with the large medical device industry would benefit from this brand domain purchase or rental: medical device companies; contract manufacturers; distributors; service providers; consulting firms; physicians; healthcare information portals; business directories; recruiters; incubators; venture capital firms; angel groups; publishing firms; news organizations; government organizations; as well as entities that manufacture medical device software, hardware, and electronics.

The global Medical Device market is slated to reach ~$613 Billion by 2025 exhibiting a CAGR of 5.4% (note estimate is low as it reflects size before COVID-19 impact)

Domain Purchase Uses

Excellent uses of this medical device domain brand are to: move ahead of competitors; launch a product; build a brand; promote a product or service; publicize an event; send and receive email using a custom email address; recruit management, advisory and board members; provide an additional portal to an existing website; and develop the site into a comprehensive industry portal for revenue streams, market control, and topic-centric traffic capture.

medical device receives 450,000 searches per month on Google®

The meaningful industry domains available for new registration that have a .COM extension are becoming extremely limited and further exacerbated by the continual buy-up of valuable .COM domains. Realistically the result is a commercial world of domains heavily skewed towards the .COM influence making already registered industry domains rare assets for web traffic. These assets continue to appreciate and a robust need for these .COM domains has developed, thus domain renting is an attractive alternative sometimes to a purchase.

Contact Julia S. Rasor, 408-395-3335 for more information.