Your Brand in 3D

Your brand in 3D, MODE Art Global combines business and technology know-how with artistic innovation to produce unique fine art that distinguishes and amplifies corporate brands. Through state-of-the-art technology, we produce any number and size of high-impact artwork made from your products or materials, or from traditional or environmentally sustainable materials. MODE serves corporate, real estate, fashion, and entertainment industries.

MODE produces high-impact innovative fine art for large corporate and residential projects worldwide. Using our business knowhow, we focus first on understanding your corporate message, products, and competitive advantages. We then apply state-of-the-art technology and artistic innovation to deliver fine art that uniquely represents your company brand: Your Brand in a 3D sculpture.

We work with business management, architects, and designers to formulate artwork that will elevate interior and exterior spaces and with art directors to add impact to entertainment and fashion industry events. Branded fine art has the power to transform any environment and leave positive and lasting effects on clients as well as employees in corporate and commercial environments.

  • MODE produces fine art from products or materials that our client company manufactures resulting in novel branded artworks. Depending on the materials, this can be the final artwork or it can be memorialized in bronze or other archival material. Alternatively, traditional or environmentally sustainable materials can be used;
  • MODE specializes in scale by providing artwork number and size options using the latest state-of-the-art technology. Any number or size (keychain to monumental) of a particular artwork can be produced.

Gallery and Artworks

MODE’s gallery headquarters is in Fallbrook California where artworks made of a wide variety of materials can be viewed in person via Private Tours and VIP Fine Art Soiree events, see BLOG for current events. For more information and to view the artwork catalog see

Contact Julia S. Rasor, 408-395-3335 for more information.